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Why crypto currencies are better investments than Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes

We have three kinds of people in the world right now, first person accepts the way the world has be engineered and is happy to be a slave of a system created by the elite to make themselves rich and others poor. These people will follow the norms of society, study work, save for retirement, retire and die still broke even though they have saved all their lives.

Second kind of people understand that the world is not what it seems to be and they search for better things, and these people are likely to fall into pyramid or Ponzi schemes.

Some will make money in these Ponzi schemes and even learn valuable lessons about money but most will loose money. One thing guaranteed about pyramid/Ponzi schemes the only thing you will learn is how to recruit people as your ability to earn is based on getting new entrance into the system and getting an incentives for that.

Difference schemes are easier to sell than other, but new people are more likely to first try recruit their friends and family as they see that as easy recruitment. But fast forward when the scheme reaches it breaking point, where the amount of money needed to pay everyone exceeds the amount of new investments and leading to the collapse of the scheme.
Then the last entrance then loose their money, people loose credibility and important relationships with friends and family. This happens as all the people you recruited will blame you for their misfortunes and even start to hate you.

 However you have loyal people that just move on to the next scheme and they spend their lives doing the same thing hoping to be wealthy one day.

Then we have the third kind of person, this is the person that you should want to be when you grow up. This person understand the world is just a playground for the elite and money is just like any other resource it get circulated around and all you need to do is plug yourself into the circuit of money. This person takes time and read and study new ways of digital money.
Digital money is the new loophole in the money circuit as its not run by the government and rich people of the world, but by nerds sitting in their basements with their sophisticated computers. Forex trading has been a great example of how everyone can benefit from the system initially designed for a few people to exchange money with one another. Now with the rise of the digital age, multi crypto currencies were born following the success of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has opened lots of door for the digital money and credibility as even important institutions have to conform and start buying bitcoin. Crypto currencies unlike pyramid or Ponzi schemes have no expiry date and are not dependent on you recruiting members every day to get paid. One can just log into a peer to peer system and start trading a currency of their choice, and make money on ongoing basis. Trading Crypto currency is more sustainable than any other digital new internet money scheme. Crypto currency doesn’t discriminate you just need to find a crypto currency that has value for you and know when you buy or sell. 

Bitcoin has been widely used a safe heaven against currency fluctuations by many people this just shows you how crypto currencies will continue being part of our lives for now and the future. So if you looking at putting money away then it’s time to consider crypto currencies or you will wish you started earlier. Im currently trading bitcoin and pipcoin on DC-ex. You can register on


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