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Hunters, Rabbits and Foxes (Pipcoin traders)

There are different types of traders in the Crypto-currency DC-Ex market, Hunters, Foxes and Rabbits. It’s important to identify these characters and understand their behavior to assist you to make the right decision. Look deep inside  and you will know which character you are and you will know if you are winning or loosing.

Hunters generally have huge resources of BTC (bitcoins), and are always hunting for a bargain entry points for buying. These traders are most Bullish and will log in and if they perceive price to be low, the will buy with all they have with a belief that the market will go higher. These can also be referred to as Pro-Value traders as they always expect market to move upwards. Sometimes these trade do get lucky and the market moves up and they make decent profits since they buy in bulk.

 However the downside of these traders is that the market doesn’t not move in one direction –upward as they wish and this makes them victim of price drops as they might buy without noticing hints of price dropper and they end the day unable to sell and take profits. If you are one of these your strategy would be going LONG for a long periods which could be long before you can realize your profits.

Rabbits on the other hand are the most fragile traders in the market and mostly feel like they are being hunted all the time. These traders have minimum resources of btc and pips. So this means they are unable to move the market on their own and mostly find themselves at the mercy of the market trend. New novice traders are mostly Rabbits, they are always at risk of loosing their coins or btc.

 They sell and the market goes up, when they buy and the market goes down. Meaning due to their lack of experience and analysis they sometimes miss the direction of trend resulting in them going against the big players. When the Hunters buy they usually hunt Rabbits and some end up being bought out of the market. These traders are the desperate traders, when they want to cash out, you will see they place a sell orders and if someone undersell them they move even lower and they end up being victims of the hunters and foxes.

Foxes are KINGS of the game, they are in the game to win. These traders are manipulative and brutal and selfish in their trading ways. Some foxes started out as hunters and overtime learnt how to use their resources to control the market and this makes and some are just self made foxes who started with limited resources and made profits. Foxes are the most important players in the game. A Fox is that trader that will force you to sell your coins for few cents, they notice desperate sellers quickly and they frustrate them by underselling them constantly till the seller drops below their profit margin and they pick up that order for close to nothing. 

These traders leave on one philosophy “when the market moves i make profits up or down,  market drops I increase my coins, market goes up I make profit in btc”. These traders do not care about where the market sits but for them this is just a game. Their ways can be sometimes controversial but these traders do make profits most of the time and  their only threat is other Foxes. Yes Foxes fight all the time and a Fox is likely to loose to another Fox not to a hunter or a rabbit. 

Lastly we have another character that is silent hence no mention of them on the topic, the HOPEFULS. These traders are hoping for a miracle jump of the price and sit in misery holding on to their pips hoping the price will reach the previous fake price levels maintained before listing of pipcoin on DC-ex. These are like retirement investors as the price might take years to get to their hopeful price. These traders remain loosers now till Jesus comes as they non active status puts them at the back foot of the market and they hope and have to trust on the Pro value traders to raise the price for them. 

BlackRich 1 December 2016. 


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