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Be prepared for this year’s Bitcoin Black Friday!

Black Friday is known to be the start of Christmas shopping. Every bitcoin shop and retailer offers great discounts to encourage consumers to use bitcoins to pay for the products they desire most. Over the years, Bitcoin Black Friday has gained a lot of importance and gained momentum. 
Along with discounts and sales, this day brings in a lot of stress and headaches. There is a great deal of traffic and rush so having a platform where one can find out about all of the bitcoin merchants and discounts will be a life saver. is that life saver with the sole purpose of providing you with information about the numerous and abundant deals and discounts from all Bitcoin merchants with plans for Bitcoin Black Friday 2015. The most important shopping day for bitcoin will be taking place on November the 27th where more than 2.000 merchants will be participating and bringing you deals and discounts. 
Our team is working day in and day out to make sure you don’t miss a single offer on the internet. Our extensive database has information and data regarding each and every merchant and the offers they will be providing on Black Friday. We constantly update our database on a regular basis to ensure that all the current offers are available for you. This would be the chance where you can buy your sought after product at a reduced price.
We will do everything to make sure that you are prepared well ahead of time and have all the information regarding the bitcoin black Friday merchants. We have a planned schedule where you will first be receiving the early planned Bitcoin Black Friday Offers and while you get accustomed to the plan, we send you the whole Bitcoin Black Friday guide that will further facilitate you regarding the event. Next we shall send you the second wave of Bitcoin Black Friday offers so you can choose the best ones beforehand. Don’t worry, we will also be sending you tips and tricks to make the most out of Bitcoin Black Friday and have a successful bitcoin black friday. Before the actual event on the 27th of November, we will be sending you the final wave of Bitcoin Black Friday pre offers (from merchants who accept to have their offers published before the official bitcoin black friday day) where you can have a look at everything and anything that you can require.
Feel free to contact us regarding further details and information about our service and Bitcoin Black Friday. If you are a merchant and would like to participate in Bitcoin Black Friday,  don’t hesitate to add your offer or website to our database: or send us an email to


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