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Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director Jon Matonis to Resign

Announced today: the Bitcoin Foundation‘s Executive Director, Mr. Jon Matonis,  will be stepping down from his position at the Foundation effective tomorrow (October 31st). His resignation expands to his board seat, which he will step down from on the 31st of December. The seat will be open for the upcoming board election.
Stepping into his place as Executive Director is the Foundation’s General Counsel, Mr. Patrick Murck. This will also leave open a space for the General Counsel position at the Foundation.
“Leading the Bitcoin Foundation has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. Merging the diverse interests of the Bitcoin community has been intellectually and professionally stimulating and now its time to pass the baton to longtime colleague Patrick Murck. I look forward to advancing Bitcoin and contributing to the community through the private sector,” Matonis said in a statement.
Patrick Murck adds, “Two years is a lifetime in Bitcoin and we’ve come a long way from where we began. And yet, there is still so much ahead of us. I thank Jon for his service and am honored to receive this appointment. I commit to continue paving the way for our community of investors, entrepreneurs, and technologists to maximize Bitcoin’s potential for all people.”
Mr. Matonis was one of the founding leaders of the Bitcoin Foundation when it was established in late 2012.
“Jon stepped up to the plate and proactively extended Bitcoin awareness beyond the Bitcoin community, engaging industry professionals in banking, finance, economics and regulatory affairs at a time when the world looked to the Foundation for an organized voice,” says Peter Vessenes, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Bitcoin Foundation. “

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